Chess rating
for android devices

This project is no longer active and neither present on Google's play store anymore. You still may see it there if you have the app once installed via play store because they don't allow to delete an app entirely, they only allow it to be "unpublished". There are no updates planned in the future. However, you can still download the apk files here for a while.

What is this app good for?


This free (and ad-free) app estimates your skills in the game of chess. It is available for android operated devices and can be installed via the Google Play Store. The app is inspired by the Bratko-Kopec test which is a collection of 24 positions. The aim is to find the best move within a certain time. You should take at least 10 min of your time to finish a complete test suite of 16 positions.

How the calculation works

The app comes with an internal collection of 333 positions. The positions will always be selected randomly from the pool but while solving the puzzles the difficulty of the positions is adapting to your strength for better results and less frustration. Depending on the amount of tries (max. 4), the difficulty of the positions and the taken time, you'll get an estimation of your playing strength, the so-called "ELO rating". As of version 16 (lauched Feb 19 2016), you can update the positions via internet. The number of positions is slowly growing over time and the ratings also will be adjusted while people solve the puzzles.


Don't take this too seriously, the estimation might deviate by 500+ points if you have a bad day compared to a good day, but it should be roughly correct. Values below 1000 and above 2300 are more inaccurate. Your can review your progress in a history list once you have at least done one estimation. Some people are using engines, well, it's clear that they are somewhere at 2500+ ELO, and if you want to prove that, it's fine. Anyhow, the app is intended to test human skills.
Chess rating is available in english, german, spanish, portuguese and french.

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