Chess rating
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History / Changelog / Versions

Versions 2.*

Chessrating 2.7 (internal V 17) download
release date: 22. Apr 2017
file size: 213882 bytes / sha1: 8d5f77476bf85acc04d2311b725903b93a286ece
New feature: Review positions after having completed a test suite. Changed: copy to clipboard no more available while in testing mode, only in review mode
New feature: Share positions via menu (only in review mode).
New feature: Report bug directly from the app via menu.
New option: Show ELO of position when reviewing.
Improvement: React to orientation change while puzzling.
Improvement: 420 positions now
Improvement: Support up to 18:9 displays, like S8
Change: Start screen looks cleaned up
Bug fixes: Some knight and king moves were not possible, fixed FEN format, works now with "Analyze this" app.
Chessrating 2.6 (internal V 16) download
release date: Feb/19/2016
file size: 207035 bytes / sha1: 0fa5570887c34bcdfdb75445778e675670ecce50
Added internet connectivity, making it easier to update the positions (only on manual request) and for sending anonymized(*) statistics.
This can be completely disabled under "options".
The number of available puzzles is being shown in the about section, which is #333 initially (or built-in), and - slowly - growing! Once you've updated the positions successfully, they can't be updated within the next 7 days.
(*) No private data will be transmitted, neither your identity, nor the Android Id - this would require permissions which are not being asked by the app. However, you can use the app completely offline as before.
Chessrating 2.5 (internal V 15)
release date: not released on Google Play Store (Amazon only @Dec/17/2015)
trial balloon version to test some internet functionality
The internet permission is only used for 2 things
check for additional positions than the built-in ones
now it's possible to add new positions w/o updating the app itself
adjust the rating of the positions according to user input/solutions
this makes the calculation more accurate in the long run
Chessrating 2.4 (internal V 14) download
release date: Sep/02/2015
file size: 199809 bytes / sha1: fbb6e34b352fd6cfa252354da2071c23ce94c37b
Bugfix release, added/removed some positions
Chessrating 2.3 (internal V 13) download
release date: Jan/23/2015
file size: 197798 bytes / sha1: b6186a72bbcaa5bc083e733193615f4d988d33c2
Minimum required Android version is now 4
lots of ui improvements, like better progress bar, animated highlight
show board coordinates option added
rotate board option added (when black to move)
better overall performance, less cpu usage
removed auto switching to next position
basic history list added
only for de-lang: dwz tournament calculator added
Chessrating 2.2 (internal V 12)
release date: Sep/06/2014
small ui improvements
added different board color schemes in options
Chessrating 2.1 (internal V 11)
release date: May/01/2014
mainly a bugfix release
improved look for tablets and high resolution devices
Chessrating 2.0 (internal V 10)
release date: Dec/29/2013
Minimum required Android version is now 3.2
Switched from TTF pieces to true bitmaps
Highlight correct move when showing solution
Horizontal layout added

Versions 1.*

Keeping it very simple and without using bitmaps, a True Type Font was used to display the pieces. Chess pieces are included in the basic UTF8 set, so this is an easy task. But it looked somewhat – ugly. The first version 1.0 was published on Feb/29/2012. Targeted for devices from Android V2.1 and better.

Here you can download the last version of the 1.x branch
Chessrating 1.4 (internal V 5) download
release date: Nov/24/2013
file size: 87350 bytes / sha1: 89504ce74720154e4782f8bf12d01e4145b287b0

Image gallery / evolution

Pre Android versions

Continue reading: Part 2 - the pre app era - how it all began [very prosaic].

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