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The Pre-App-Era

The internet did not exist.

Well, there was something like the internet called btx, fido and so. But that was something else…
In the 1990s, I was a happy Amiga 500+ and later Amiga1200 user, and my hobbies were chess and programming. But not chess programming. I tried my best with the programming languages Assembler, Basic, ARexx and mostly with AmigaE. I owned a quite strong chess program which I almost never beat. It had this feature of estimating your ELO rating, where I reached about 1500…1700. The program was also able to make a self-test and it was like 2100 ELO with the default 20 secs thinking time as far as I remember. This test was the original Bratko-Kopec-Test with 24 positions to solve.

Google did not exist.

O.K., this google project existed on a university server. But that was something else…
As the internet began to take over the world, I bought myself a Pentium1 Windows95 machine, I think it was in 1997 and so I began to explore the internet at 33.6kbps snail's pace. We were using altavista, metacrawler and amongst others, T-online search engines. At these times internet pages were very static, there was no fancy stuff but animated gifs and marquee texts. I learned HTML to make some blinking stuff.

Smartphones did not exist.

O.K., there was the Nokia communicator and palms. But that was something else…
Then, around 1999, the "java" language was already developed and it was the only way to do something interactive in the browser. I added javascript, css and java to my knowledge. Trying out this new "java" language, I programmed a java applet wich was running in ALL recent browsers, like netscape 4, IE 4/5 and the upcoming, revolutionary Mozilla, as long as the java plugin was enabled. The Google search engine was already existing, but more of an insider tip. I surfed already with ISDN at 64k speed and ADSL came up with 768k speed in Germany!

The applet "Elocalc" was born.

This is how the applet looked like (only german lang). Not too beautiful, but it worked. It was accesible on my web space for about two years and then it disappeared. I lost both interest in playing chess and programming due to lot of work load.

Elocalc java applet 1999

Applets no more exist.

Almost 10 years after programming the applet and having the old code residing on a backup CD I wanted to try some Android programming and I remembered this "nice" little program. So let's reuse the java code and make it an android app! Well, it wasn't too hard but more work than expected. If you are an experienced java coder you will be quickly programming for android. But if not, then you need some weeks. A nice thing of android is the easy way of localization via xml files, and generally, the possibility to declare a lot without programming it by hand.

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