Chess rating
for android devices

How to get an estimation

In real life, you will be playing in a chess club and play other rated players over the board and you will get a rating, which might not be an international FIDE-ELO, but a national variation like USCF, DWZ or something. The rating systems are normally very similar. The german System DWZ tends to somewhat lower numbers than ELO. However, the english ECF grading system is completely different and can not be compared with the ELO system. If you are already a rated chess player, you probably know all about ratings and you might want to verify it. Or just having fun with these puzzles.

The start screen is showing some buttons and a small introduction. Note: the "Show History" is only available if you have obtained at least one estimation by the app.

start screen

Configure the appearance of the app by choosing a color scheme or automatic board rotation. Note: on some narrow devices isn't enough space to show the coordinates and the board might not fit on the screen. Disable the coordinates in this case.

options screen

Shows a very basic list of your recent results.

history screen

Shows the chess board where you have to make the best move in the given positions.

On top is a small progress bar which is showing the amount of time you have left. Hurry up when it gets red!

Make your move by tapping the source field and tapping again the destination field. To take back a not yet completed move, tap again on the same field. Dragging is not possible. You can only make valid moves. E.g. if a piece is in an absolute pin, or you want to put your king in check you cannot move it! If you could'nt solve a puzzle you'll get the option to let the app show you the correct move with some color animation on the board.

After completing all 16 puzzles you'll get your ELO estimation.

main screen main screen elo rating
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